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Cid's Enterprises has been providing excellent service to the state of California for over 20 years. No job is too big or too small. Cid's Trucking has trained truck drivers that are guaranteed to meet client’s expectations.

Cid's Trucking delivers mobile homes, modular buildings, and trailers from various manufacturers to nearly all of California. Cid's Enterprises also provides tear downs, set-ups, and site checking as well as take care of all the necessary paper-work.

Cid's Trucking has delivered over 60,000+ floors from 1993 to date. Cid's Trucking has delivered units for various organizations including California school districts and Universal Studios in Hollywood.

The services offered by Cid's Enterprises include:

  • Truck delivery of modular buildings and mobile homes
  • Pro-Fab Construction, a division of Cid's Enterprises, provides tear down and set up of:
    • modular buildings
    • mobile homes
    • office trailers
  • Cid's Trucking specializes in wide-load modulars and over-height structures

Cid's Enterprises regularly sells inventory, including modular buildings and trucking supplies, all up for purchase. All of Cid's Enterprises inventory is in great condition. See all the details in the Products page.

Quote Request
You can request a quote on how much the services of Cid's Trucking will cost simply by filling out the form on the quote request page or you can print the form and fax it to (909) 820-3208. Visit the Quote Request page for all the details.