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Pro-Fab Construction is a division of Cid's Enterprises, Inc. and has been providing various, quality services to the state of California for over 20 years. No job is too big or too small. Pro-Fab Construction provides tear downs, set-ups, and site checking as well as taking care of all the necessary paper-work. Cid's Trucking services are also available to deliver mobile homes, modular buildings, and trailers from various manufacturers to nearly all of California

Pro-Fab Construction has its General B license and provides the following services:

  • Tear down and set up of:
    • modular buildings
    • mobile homes
    • office trailers
  • Roofing services which includes repair, removal, and review of roofs
  • Installation and repair of various items
  • Interior and exterior work
  • And many other services

Cid's Enterprises, Inc. and Pro-Fab Construction, Inc. are your one stop shop to get all your DSA projects completed!

Quote Request
You can request a quote on how much the services of Pro-Fab Construction will cost simply by filling out the form on the quote request page, printing the form, and faxing it to (909) 820-3208.

Be sure to visit the Cid's Enterprises, Inc. web site to explore all of the services offered by Cid's Trucking.